Early Years

18th Birthday

My 18th birthday party given by the Manteca Horsemans Club

Captain Peter

My first Quarterhorse, Captain Peter. I did everything with him—shows, parades, trail rides…Photo taken in December, 1955.

Silver Mounted Parade Saddle

I couldn’t afford a silver mounted parade saddle, but I did ride for others.

Captain Peter

My first registered Quarterhorse, Captain Peter, at a show.

Stormy and Cloudy

My first horse, Stormy, and her foal, Cloudy

Manteca Horsemen 1940s

Some of the friends and members of Manteca Junior Horseman; Pat Greer, Louise Livingston, and Pat Mainwering. This is from the late 1940s.

SJ County Fair

A group of horse show exhibitors having fun at the San Joaquin County Fair. Kay Heikens, Ernie Thompson, Jim Curry, Arlonne Duncan, and Bernie Soares

Bunny's Buzz Bars

My Quarterhorse, Bunny’s Buzz Bars, in a Western Pleasure class in 1969.


My second horse, Smokey. She was a high school graduation gift from my uncle. He gave me a choice between her and a used car.


My mare Pepper, one of the reasons the PtHA was formed. My friend and fellow exhibitor thought she wasn’t judged fairly because of her color. Kay Heikens and Helen Hammond formed the PtHA and Kay was its first President.

SJVR friends at Jack Tone Ranch

A group of friends from the San Joaquin Valley Rangers who rode for two days to participate in the Clements Stampede Rodeo and Horse Show. This were taken the first night at the old part of Jack Tone Ranch.

Prince Allah

Riding the Half Arabian, Prince Allah, at my first Arabian horse show.

Tracy Harvest Day

Friends representing our club in the junior division at the Tracy Harvest Day Celebration horse show and gymkana. Louise Livingston, Jim Curry, Alice Thompson, Roberta Romero, and Pat Greer. Many years later, Roberta and I were competitors at Arabian shows.

Lavern Goodner's Stallion

Laverne Goodner’s stallion. I rode anything I was offered.

Basic Training

Basic Training at Fort Ord, CA. I am the man fifth from the right in the second row from the top.

Close up

Rotating Bed

The rotating bed I was in after a horse fell on me. Two hours on my back and then two hours on my stomach.

Tokay Colony 4H

Tokay Colony 4-H Group, 1969. I was the Horse Leader.


I loved this car and actually towed a two-horse trailer with it back in my amateur days.

Thunderball, Arabian

My first Arabian, Thunderball, at a Wadi Arabian Horse Association show in Turlock in 1970.

Glendower Jumping

Jumping Glendower at a Big Seven Ranch open show.

Champion Arabian Gelding

Champion Arabian Gelding at the Ranchotel Lions Eye Benefit Arabian Show.

Yalta, Half Arabian

Yalta, Half Arabian Pinto. He was many times a winner and also a successful sire.